Pychology 5 Morning Exercises to Improve Your Mental Clarity

5 Morning Exercises to Improve Your Mental Clarity


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Too many of us these days go to bed stressed and wake up stressed. Our brains are always in overdrive, trying to keep up with deadlines, remembering loved one’s birthdays, and worrying about whether we’re prepared for the upcoming presentation. The thoughts that we have to process daily are endless, and our brains are suffering for it, becoming so cluttered that we can’t sleep straight or perform to the best of our abilities. Mental clarity is essential to our success and well-being. These five, morning exercises can improve your mental clarity.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relieve stress because it combines exercise with meditation to help de-clutter the mind. When you hold a yoga pose, your mind is focused on your breathing and staying still, removing other thoughts from your mind. Kickstart your day with yoga and enjoy a clear and focused mind for the rest of the day.

Brain Dumping

Brain dumping is an exercise where you transfer all of your thoughts onto a piece of paper. Use a notebook to jot down all the tasks that you haven’t completed and everything else that seems to have gotten away from you. When you write down your tasks, you will gain more clarity in terms of prioritization, which makes it easier to focus your attention on the more critical tasks.


When our brain is clouded with stress, worries, and other trivial thoughts, it slows our mind down and leaves little space for the tasks that we should be focusing on. Meditation teaches you how to focus, decreases stress, and let go of distractions that are slowing down your brain function.

Learn a New Language

Another way to keep your brain young and sharp is by learning a new language. Adopting new words when you wake up in the morning gives your mind a workout. Studies suggest that people who speak a second language have improved concentration and are better at organizing and decision making thanks to their heightened mental clarity.

Play Brain Games

Games like crosswords, Sudoku, and math quizzes are an excellent way to clear brain-fog. A brain puzzle in the morning will help to stimulate your mind and improve your brain function. Whether you prefer word games or mathematical problems, puzzles will enhance your memory and reduce the chances that your brain will deteriorate in the future.

There are many ways that you can increase your mental clarity. Incorporating these five ways into your daily routine will leave your brain clutter-free and ready to focus on the more essential tasks of the day.


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