Pychology 5 Ways to Master Your Mental Focus

5 Ways to Master Your Mental Focus


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The key to you living a productive and successful life lies with building focus. Too many of us have become victim to the cognitive switching penalty thanks to our constant need to multitask. This can lead to both mental and physical fatigue and an unclear brain. By mastering your mental focus, you can avoid the waste of energy and gain mental clarity. Here are five ways that you can master your mental focus and increase mental clarity.

Use Motivating Self-Talk

Utilizing motivating self-talk can help to build your mental focus. By reinforcing your goals with positive affirmations, you can effectively motivate yourself to maintain your focus. The act of vocalizing your words, allows the subconscious mind to commit to the goal, which causes you to be more inclined to continue.

Use Meditation to Calm Yourself

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to build your focus. Meditation helps to train you to control your thoughts. The practice of meditation starts with learning how to manage your breath and then learning how to control your thoughts. During your meditation practice, you will learn how to hone your control and allow you more mental focus.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising releases chemicals in your brain that affect your learning and memory. When you become more physically active, you can increase your mental focus as well. Not only does exercising provide you with long term benefits, but it also gives you a short term boost to your cognitive and psychological performance.

Fuel Your Body

One of the most essential steps for mastering your mental focus is staying hydrated. When your body doesn’t receive an adequate amount of hydration, the brain cells start to lose their efficiency and can impair your short term memory function and your ability to recall long term memories. Also, foods like fish, dark chocolate, whole grains, avocados, and leafy greens will provide your brain with the nutrients that are needed to increase your mental sharpness.

Manage Stimulation

Stimulations like video games, social media, and our electronics, have created a phycological dependence on the brain, and you can actually experience a type of withdraw when you’re away from these stimuli. The withdraw can interrupt your focus and make it challenging to focus on the objectives in front of you. When you are trying to work or focus, put your phone in a different area, and turn off all your electronics so you can concentrate on the goal.

By increasing your mental focus, the quantity and quality of your productivity will increase. The more focus you have, the more fulfilled life you will lead because your mental clarity will reveal additional opportunities for success.


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