Pychology 6 Easy Tips for Developing Greater Mental Clarity

6 Easy Tips for Developing Greater Mental Clarity


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Our lives are full of distractions that compete for our attention. Many of us walk around distracted and in a daze. The can be due to a variety of factors including a lack of sleep or a poor diet. The ability to think clearly cannot be overrated, because being more clear-headed can dramatically increase our levels of success and overall sense of well-being. If you find yourself being easily distracted, here are six easy ways to develop greater mental clarity.

Start with your Diet

Sugar, caffeine, and processed foods can decrease your mental clarity. Changing your diet can be difficult, but it might be an essential thing that you can do to improve your mental clarity. An excellent place to start is to stay natural, meaning that if a particular food doesn’t come from a plant or doesn’t have a mother, don’t eat it.

Get Enough Sleep

According to research, you should get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night. While you might think that you will do well with just six hours or less, you’d be amazed at how much clear your mind is when you get at least seven.

Remove Distractions

Environmental and emotional distractions can quickly steal your attention. To boost your mental clarity and increase your productivity, pay attention to what you might be doing or thinking about when you should be working. Figure out a way to eliminate these things and clear up more mental space.


Regular meditation practice has been proven to be incredibly useful for removing mental clutter. If you’ve never meditated before, go online or check out a book to learn the best practices. Meditation is an important skill to learn and master if you want to develop greater mental clarity.

Take Frequent Breaks

One way to help keep your mind clear and focused is to take frequent breaks, even if you don’t think you need one. Studies have shown that taking a ten-minute break from your work every hour can keep your mind clear and focused, allowing you to accomplish more.

Have Goals

There are many ways that having goals is useful, but their most significant utility is providing you clarity. Your goals provide focus. Without them, you are just aimlessly drifting through life.

By developing greater mental clarity, you can get more accomplished and become more successful in life. Use these tips to help you build your mental clarity and get more done.


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