Social Media Top Reasons Remarketing Works So Well

Top Reasons Remarketing Works So Well


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Sometimes it might seem as though internet marketers speak in an entirely different language to the rest of us. They talk in acronyms, in strange terms, and more.

Remarketing is just such a buzz word and something that means very little to those who aren’t making a living by selling digital products online. It makes sense though: essentially, it means showing ads to people who have already been to your website – possibly even people who have already shown an interest in a specific product.

So, for instance, if someone has added a pair of shoes to their shopping cart on your website, remarketing might then involve targeting them with ads to offer them more shoes.

That’s the what and the how. But why does this work so well?

The Power of Remarketing

The real power of remarketing lies in the fact that it allows you to target people who have already shown some interest in what you’re doing and perhaps who were considering buying for you. In marketing speak, we call these people ‘warm’ or ‘qualified’ leads. That is to say that they are more likely to buy from us given the right incentive or nudge.

Remarketing this way is a very powerful strategy because you aren’t approaching a complete stranger who has never heard of your brand, trying to sell them something they’ve shown no interest in before. That former example is how a lot of traditional marketing works, and it’s essentially tantamount to walking up to a stranger and asking if they want to come home with you and stay the night!

Successfully picking up a date involves doing groundwork by chatting for a while. Normally it means getting their number and flirting, maybe going out a few times first.

The same is true with marketing. People will be more likely to buy from you if they know your brand. And if they came extremely close to buying once before, you know they at least have the potential to be interested.

Times of Day and Breaking the Camel’s Back

By using remarketing, this is the person you target.

This then means you can make that final add the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’. If they spent ages looking at your product and thinking about buying it, they might have talked themselves out of it. Maybe it’s not sensible.

But come back to them in a few hours – when they’re tired after a long day and feeling sorry for themselves. When their impulse control is depleted.

Offer them 10% off.

There’s a VERY big chance they’ll click buy.


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