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What are the Most Important KPIs for Measuring Your Email Marketing Success


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If you’re using email marketing campaigns in your business to engage your customers and boost sales, how do you know if they are effective? The only way to know for sure if your email marketing campaign is working is by measuring your key performance indicators (KPIs), which are specific marketing metrics that you can monitor to measure the progress of your email marketing campaigns. Here are the most important metrics to keep in mind for your email marketing campaign.

Deliverability Rate

The deliverability rate refers to where your email messages end up after they’ve been delivered. It tells you whether your emails ended up in the subscriber’s inbox or if they ended up in their spam folder.

Open Rate

This is the percentage of subscribers who opened your email, viewed your email, and whether they opened it more than once. For example, if you send an email to 100 people and 25 of those people opened your email, then your open rate is 25%.

Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate shows you the number of people who clicked on at least one of the links in your email. This is a good way for you to gauge the interest of your subscribers because it shows you how many are taking the time to click and digging a bit more.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate metric allows you to take things a bit further by taking a look at the definite action that you want the clicks to result in. It measures the percentage of people who clicked on a link in your email and completed the desired action, like making a purchase or filling out a form.

Bounce Rate

This metric looks at the number of emails that did not reach your customers inbox successful. There are two different kinds of bounce rates that you should be tracking, the soft bounce rate and the hard bounce rate. The soft bounce rate is when the subscriber’s email box is full, or there is a problem with the server. A hard bounce is when there is an invalid email address and your email bounces back.

Unsubscribe Rate

This is the percentage of people who unsubscribe from your email list. If you have a particular email that results in high unsubscribe rates, then you’ll want to rethink a few things and adjust your next campaign accordingly.

List Growth Rate

This indicator shows you how quickly your email list is growing. The metric takes into account the bounces, unsubscribes, and the number of contacts that are added to your list during a specific time.

Keeping an eye on these key metrics will help you develop a successful email marketing campaign. 


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